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Friday Story Prompt: Tattoo


(Image via: Wikimedia Commons)

Today’s story prompt is to write about a tattoo.  Would you ever have one? If so, what would it be?  Why might someone get one – or have it removed?  What if you got a tattoo…but it was more than just a picture? What might future-tech versions of a tattoo be like? Off you go – have fun!

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Friday Story Prompt: Trash to Treasure

Welcome to this week’s writing prompt. This Friday we’ve got an exercise in brain-bending.

Think of something you really dislike or that disgusts you.  For the purpose of this exercise, it’s best to pick a concrete physical thing (for example: plastic flowers or china figurines or dog poo) rather than a person or action or a concept. Don’t worry about rationalising or justifying it.

Of course, writers need to be able to get into the heads of characters who are different from themselves. So, now we’d like you to spend 10 minutes writing about your bugbear from the point of view of somebody (or something) who loves it.

If you’re going somewhere at the end of your 10, see if you can finish the story.  Good luck and have fun changing that trash into treasure!

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Friday Story Prompt: Fail!

Happy Friday, writers!  For today’s story prompt, we’re going a bit more specific.  Take someone (they don’t have to be a human – they can be an alien, a goat, a toaster – a loaf-scorching alien goat, if you like) who has a goal, something they’re truly passionate about achieving – and who fails to attain it.

What that means for them, or for their entire planet of cloven-footed-crunchy-bread-munchers, is entirely up to you.

Have fun, and have a great weekend!

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Friday Story Prompt: Just One Word

We’re keeping it simple this time, weekend fictioneers! The prompt this week is a single word. Ready? The word is:


You can be as literal or as metaphorical as you like. If the prompt isn’t working for you straight away, you can always try a little word association or mind mapping to explore some ideas. It doesn’t matter where you end up, as long as you end up with a story! Happy writing.

Tip for a group: try all writing from the same single word prompt and see how different the results are.


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