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Friday Story Prompt: Summary Mashup

A recent and now, rather sadly, corrected, error on Netflix mashed together the summaries of a number of films with results that range from the hilarious to the disturbing.  The best results have been collected at SummaryBug.

For today’s prompt, have a look at them and see if something sparks.  Or pick your own mashups from your own bookshelf and/or DVD collection – grab a couple, and mix the blurbs from the back.

Have fun and have a great weekend – and you may find some films you want to watch too…

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Friday Story Prompt: Local Sources

Where you live may appear too familiar to be inspiring.  However, I would like to suggest a walk, as long or as short as you like, in your local area.  Take a notebook and, if you wish, a camera.

1 Look Down.

You find strange things discarded on pavements and in driveways.  I have found, at various times: a hairgrip with a dark red fabric flower.  Numerous single earrings. Sequins. Fairy stickers. Confetti. A small skull with a snake crawling through its eyeholes (both skull and snake were artificial, I should perhaps add), a chamberstick (enamelled candlestick with a handle, for carrying to one’s chamber)  and a six-foot carriage whip.  Keep your eyes open.  If you find something odd or interesting, make a note, and/or take a picture.  Why is it there? Who might have owned it, and lost it?  Why did they have it, what happened to make them lose it?  Who might decide to track down the owner and return it?  What might happen if they did?

2 Look Up.

What sort of person lives in that house with the very shiny cars but the completely neglected front garden? Why might someone have six identical garden gnomes lined up as though on parade – or on guard? What business goes on behind that discreet brass plate and those drawn blinds?  Who was it who collected all those glass fish and hung them along their living room wall in a line – and why? How might that building or its inhabitants connect to one of those pavement objects?

If you are prevented, for any reason, from going for a walk, try typing ‘found objects’ into Google Images, and have a look at all the amazing things people make out of what’s been thrown away; and for houses and gardens, try typing a few random postcodes into Google Street View – then ask yourself those same questions.

Have at it, have fun, and have a great weekend.


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