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Friday Story Prompt : Procrastination

quoteIt’s that time of year when those of us who are good at procrastinating are filing our tax returns to squeak in under the deadline before we get fined*. But we all have ways of putting things off. Some are things we really want to do, like writing, and some are things we really don’t.  Often,  once we turn and face the dragon ready to do some righteous smiting, it turns out to be a little lizard we can shoo away (with the aid of a wodge of tedious paperwork).

So this week’s exercise: a character is procrastinating about something.

It could be something tiny, like mending a dripping tap.  Why are they putting it off? How do the consequences of not doing the thing snowball for comic or tragic effect?

Have fun giving your character a rotten time or wild ride!

*If you’re struggling with your tax return, the HMRC people on the advice line are lovely and very helpful.


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Friday Story Prompt: Conspiracy



Let’s talk about conspiracy theories. There are dozens of them. All those groups who secretly run the world; all those chemicals sneaked into the water; all those covered-up alien encounters, suppressed inventions, and sneaky little cameras recording our every move…(hang on…).

So this week, have a go at your own conspiracy theory.  What’s the weirdest, creepiest, daftest, tinfoil-hattest explanation you can come up with for whatever is going on in the world, or in your (or your protagonist’s) life? Who’s really behind it all?  What’s really going on?

And once you’ve found out, what do you do about it?


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Friday Story Prompt: Watch the Birdy


Are you sitting comfortably, writing friends? Then I’ll begin…

The sun is low and the sky is split, half bright blue, half ragged grey clouds. It is very still and quiet. A pigeon glides above you and claps its wings three times in the crystal air, climbing.  Gold sunlight washes the bird’s wings and for a moment everything stops; everything seems perfectly defined and profound. The world around you holds its breath. You watch the pigeon swoop down into a tree, and as you follow it with your gaze, at the foot of the tree, you see…

Well, that’s up to you. Have fun! We hope the pigeon takes you somewhere interesting.

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Friday Story Prompt: Back to Work

woman in office chair

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For those who celebrate a midwinter festival, it’s mostly over. The big dinner’s been scoffed, the fireworks have left annoying little burnt stubs everywhere, the decorations have been taken down.  The first New Year resolutions have been broken.

For many of us, it’s been back to work.  So this week’s story prompt is just that.  What if someone goes back to their job – legal secretary, zookeeper, minion of evil, head of a multinational – and something is different? New boss. New offices. New co-workers.  Or just a new coffee machine. But this change, however minor, is just the start of big changes for your protagonist…

Have  a good weekend, everyone!

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