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Friday Story Prompt – Eye of the Beholder

shop dummy


Today’s prompt, dear scribblers, is ‘ripped from the headlines’ – or at least from the whirling maelstrom that is social meeja.  Because it’s all about that dress.  The one that some people see as gold and white, and others as blue and black. (Apparently there’s a scientific explanation, should you require one).

So today, how about a story (poem, song-cycle, limerick, whatever you should happen to fancy) about a dress – or suit, or robe, or hat…that is perceived differently, depending on who’s looking at it – or why they’re looking?  What effect might such a thing have?  What secrets might be revealed, what hijinx might ensue?

Have at it, o scribes, and enjoy your weekend!

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Friday Story Prompt: Dogging Your Footsteps

Stalking wolf.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Hello again, writers! It’s nearly the weekend, so we’re sure you can handle a little recreational paranoia. Here’s your scenario.

There’s something behind you. It’s following you everywhere. Maybe it started a long way away and now it’s getting closer. Maybe it’s always five paces behind. Maybe you just catch flashes of it out of the corner of your eye. Maybe it’s not even real.

What is it? What does it want? Why is it following you?

This kind of story naturally lends itself to horror, but you could flip it around and write something comic instead. Good luck! If this sparks something for you, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.


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Friday Story Prompt: Hearts, flowers, knives.

file8571245095909Happy Friday, fellow toilers in the word-mines.

This Saturday is, as some of you may know, Valentine’s day – a peculiar institution whereby those of us with romantic Others are supposed to tell our Other/s that they are of importance to us, just in case, you know, we had forgotten that.

Last night, with my Other, I watched a horror film.

So I thought that today, as an antidote to all the gooey sweetitude and blatant commercialisation of human interaction, I would like to suggest you write something nasty about Valentine’s day.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering – the rather lovely plant pictured is known as love-lies-bleeding…

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Friday Story Prompt : Collage

Photo collage
I started taking photos way back in the days of film, and had boxes full of prints that never made the cut for albums. Some of them were out of focus, or badly lit, or just rather dull. But there was something I was interested in when I looked through the viewfinder and clicked. So I cut them up for collages, and made an image I liked out of bits and pieces of pictures that didn’t work on their own.

Chances are, if you’ve been writing for a while, you’ve got notebooks or files full of fragments of conversation, moments, ideas, and stories that you couldn’t make work.  Take a look through  for the bits that still spark your interest. Do any of them have a theme or a mood that fit together? Can you make a story if you combine three* or more of them?

If you haven’t been at it long enough to have this material lying around, your exercise this weekend could be to go out and collect some. Eavesdrop on conversations, capture a scene, note strange things from the news, write down your dreams, or odd sayings, or work from memory.

Good luck, writers. We hope you have fun putting it all together. We’d love to hear how you get on in the comments!

*Three ingredients is a good number for a story. It’s magic.

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