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Friday Story Prompt – White Space

gulls on white



Writers dread it. Minimalists worship it. It’s the space between words, and the empty air between radio stations. For some it’s nirvana, for others, hell. It’s also this week’s story prompt. Have at it, fictioneers.


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Friday Story Prompt: Second Thoughts


Welcome back, Friday fictioneers! Have you ever thought, “I wish I knew what you were thinking?” about a loved one, a pet, an enemy..?

In this week’s exercise, your character is granted this wish for one day.  Does it work out the way they want it to? Do they find out more than they bargained for or come to a new understanding?  Does your character really want to know what the other person (or entity) thinks of them?

Over to you to bring new harmony or wreak mayhem. Happy writing!

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Weekend Story Prompt: An Unexpected Dragon

dragon 2

It’s a sad week for the Plot Medics and fellow fantasy fans as one of the masters of the genre, Sir Terry Pratchett*, has left us. He showed us that fantasy could be silly and funny and have dreadful puns and still say something important and moving about people and the real world. He gave us gloriously complicated and varied worlds and wonderfully human characters and he always had an affectionate twist on fantasy tropes.

So, with a deep bow to Sir Pterry, here’s your challenge, weekend fictioneers.

A dragon appears. (Nothing says fantasy like a dragon.) But it’s not at all what people were expecting.

How can you twist the dragon’s tale? Good luck and happy writing!

* If you are a fantasy fan wondering where to get started with Sir Terry’s work, here’s a handy reading order guide. They’re all wonderful, although the first two “The Colour of Magic” and “The Light Fantastic” are different in tone to the rest.


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Friday Story Prompt : It’s a Gift


This week’s prompt is inspired by this lovely true story about a little girl who fed her local crows and started receiving gifts from the birds in return. Here’s your scenario.

An old man or woman starts finding strange little gifts on their doorstep.  Are they presented as wrapped or just oddments left to be found? Who or what is leaving them and why?

We’re giving you an older character because that gives you a history to work with. Good luck writers. We hope this prompt gives you a gift of a story!

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