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Friday Story Prompt: All Change



It’s very easy to fall into habits, to do the usual thing. Change is hard. But change is sometimes what we need, to shake us up, get us thinking in new ways, and jolt us out of a creative rut.

So this week’s prompt is all about changing.  Take change as your subject matter.  Any sort of change: personal, political, weather, gender, home, job, species, emotion.

Change where you write – don’t sit at your normal desk/coffee shop/library carousel/deserted gothic mansion.  Even if you just shift to the spare bedroom or a different carriage on the train, move.

Change what you write about.  If you never write about romance – give it some love.  If you never write about murder – take a shot.   If you never write about war…you get the idea.

And lastly, change the form in which you write.  Don’t do poetry?  Maybe you do.  Don’t do flash fiction?  Have a try.  Memoir, epistolatory, political pamphlet…think of any form that isn’t one you normally use, and go for it.

And have a good weekend!

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Friday Story Prompt: Just Your Cup of Tea?

teacupHappy Easter, writers! It’s an extra-long weekend, so we hope that gives you some time to create. Let’s get to it.

There’s a increasing trend for cafés where the emphasis is on the experience over the food. There are cat cafés, owl cafés, there was nearly a fox café in London, there are death cafés where you can chat about the difficult subject, and there are even cuddle cafés where you can sleep in the arms of a stranger.

Do any of these spark a story for you? Or perhaps you prefer to invent a weird and wonderful experience café of your own? (Of course, you don’t have to be bound by the possible.)

Happy writing! We hope it’s a piece of cake.

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