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Friday Story Prompt – Troll



Ah, the internet.  Home of blogs, cat pictures, more weird pr0n than you can shake a stick (or anything else) at, and…trolls.

Today’s prompt is about trolls.  New style or old style; or a mix of the two. What would a real, under-bridge-dwelling troll make of the internet?  What might happen if a troll was confronted with their victim, and neither was what the other expected?  How might a troll meet their comeuppance?  Go forth, writers, and have a good (and all but fictional troll-free) weekend.

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Friday Story Prompt: Confinement


Happy Friday, writers! You may have come across the idea that imposing restrictions can help creativity.  When you can write about anything at all, sometimes it’s hard to get started.  One time-honoured restriction for poetry is to use a defined form for the work (e.g. a sonnet or a haiku).  The Dogme 95 movement has rules for filmmaking, setting movies in the here and now, using hand-held cameras and no special effects.  And of course, any story prompt that gives something specific to write about, or a technique to use, is a creative restriction for fiction.

However, this week we’re going to take that idea more literally and apply it to a character. We’d like you to write about someone who is confined to their home.

Broken leg à la Rear Window? Terrible agrophobia? Zombie apocalypse outside? Over to you…

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Friday Story Prompt – Perspective

2 people watching

When any two people witness an event, the story each of them will tell – to friends, to the police, to the media – will differ.  Sometimes not by much, sometimes wildly.  And if there are more than two people, the descriptions – and the emotional responses – will be even more various.  People, however straightforward they think they are being, bring their own beliefs, moods, and experience to whatever they encounter.

Try telling a story from more than one perspective, and see who ends up being the more trustworthy witness…

Have at it, and happy Friday!


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Friday Story Prompt: Behind The Mask


Welcome back, writers. Here’s your prompt for today:

A character wears a mask. What are they hiding? Or who or what are they hiding from? Or what are they projecting or embodying?

Does the mask you are thinking of evoke a feeling or a setting for you?

Of course it’s up to you if the mask is real or imaginary, magical or digitally projected, mass produced or specially commissioned.

Happy writing!


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