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Friday Story Prompt – Go and Play

The weekend’s on the way, it’s time to play! As adults we don’t often allow ourselves to do this. This article discusses how to kill creativity in children, by applying pressure for results, but as we grow up we do the same things to ourselves.

So, we’d like to encourage you to have some creative playtime this week.  You could write a silly story that you’ve always wanted to do but there’s no market for, or start a weekend novel* to take a creative break from your current WIP.  You could write nonsense, or a joke, or noodle around with plot ideas or come up with the maddest genre mash-up you can think of.

Or, if you’ve had enough of thinky time in front of a computer, (or typewriter, pen and paper etc.) why not make a playdate with yourself for at least half an hour, and do something else creative? Pick something you think would be fun, and don’t worry whether it’s good, or has a point or is monetisable. Some suggestions : potato prints, finger painting, drawing, modelling with clay or Fimo. What made you happy to do when you were a kid?

Have fun and enjoy the weekend!

 *The idea being that you work on your other novel during the week.

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Friday Story Prompt – Dynamite Lady


Hey there, fictioneers! This week we’re speculating that a picture is worth at least a thousand words, so we don’t have much to say. Here’s the picture, what’s the story?

We hope this sparks something for you, and happy writing!

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Friday Story Prompt – You Are Not The Hero


It is a truism (almost) universally acknowledged that everyone believes themselves to be the hero of their own story.

But what if someone were to discover that they’d been nothing more than a sidekick all along – or even a minion? That their life wasn’t, in fact, about them at all?

What would that feel like?  Whose story might they be part of – and why?

Is it even true that they’re insignificant – or is someone just trying to make them think it’s true?

What if you’re not the hero?  Is it a brutal blow, a revelation, a relief?

And what do you do about it?

Have at it.  And have a good weekend.

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Friday Story Prompt – Graffiti

messageA little later than advertised, here’s the weekend writing prompt. This week we’re taking our inspiration from graffiti*.

If the picture isn’t clear, the graffiti above has the message, “Comet 99942 Apophis April 2029” written inside a heart. So, what’s the story?

If this one doesn’t work for you, how about taking a short walk (which is great for getting the blood pumping to the brain) and see if you can spot any odd messages in your neighbourhood?

Happy hunting, writers!

*If you’d like more context and want to know where the picture was taken, click for on it for a link.

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