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Taking the Knocks

As soon as you put your work out in public, whether you’re submitting it to an agent or publisher, or (hooray!) your published book is released, people will have opinions about it.

Every now and again, a scandal will blow up on the AbsoluteWrite boards,  and in the publishing industry, over an author’s response to a bad review on amazon or goodreads or to a rejection. Of course, it’s hard to put your heart and soul (not to mention a great deal of time and effort) into a piece of work, only to see it bad-mouthed or dismissed.

How should an author deal with bad reviews? Generally, the best advice is to say nothing.  Bullying your reviewers or throwing an explosively sweary temperature tantrum is obviously not an appropriate response.  The temptation to “correct” reviewers should probably also be resisted.

So,  what to do? Lord and Lady Plott ponder the problem this month. Beth Revis has a sane approach to make an author feel better about the whole thing. Or, if you really need to get rejection out of your system, you could always do as Bernard from Black Books does, as long as you burn the letter (or delete the email) instead of sending it!

How do you deal with the knocks?

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