Getting Ideas
Where do you get your ideas?  And once you’ve got them, how do you turn them into a plot?  Getting Ideas explores various means to find ideas, expand on them, and use them to build stories.

Time to Write
No time?  Struggling with motivation? Writing getting buried under the everyday business of living? Time to Write will give you tools and techniques to  find writing time and use it effectively.

Creating Characters
What is a ‘good’ character? Where do characters come from? What is a character made of? Creating Characters will show you how to create rounded, memorable and interesting characters.

Now You’re Talking
Difficulties with dialogue? Where do the damn commas go? How do you make your characters sound like real people? Now You’re Talking not only covers the basics but shows you how to give each of your characters a unique and believable “voice”.

Outlining Your Novel
Can’t get started?  Can’t find the ending?  Stuck in the middle?  We can help. Whether you plot or fly by the seat of your pants, Outlining Your Novel will give you a range of techniques to navigate through your story – and you will come away with a workable novel outline.

Public readings can promote your work and bring in new readers. Performance! will help you make the most of them, with techniques to improve audibility, confidence and entertainment value.

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